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A profound shift in collaboration.

Top professionals never have to go it alone. They surround themselves with competent teams and experts that help them succeed. When opening and managing cases, we are with you every step of the way, even years after the case closes, to support you and your client's objectives.


Where Financial Advisors Engage For Premium Financing

Expert Case Support Throughout Client Relationship

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People have been borrowing money to create wealth since the 1700s. Premium financing involves borrowing funds from a third-party lender to pay all or some of the premiums for life insurance. It's a method for funding substantial life insurance policies without liquidating capital to pay their premiums. The structure and design of TFP Legacy Plan™ is a proven model for your client's satisfaction and successful outcomes.

Concierge Case Support
Legacy Income Design & Legacy Death Benefit Design

Case Strategy & Execution

Using a simplified yet powerful financial framework, The Legacy Plan™ takes advantage of leverage, arbitrage, and IRS codes that mitigate taxes.

The Legacy Plan™ enables us to zero in on your specific challenges and tailor our solutions to enhance your perspective and values. Consider the impact of these benefits:

  • Maximum death benefit and/or supplemental tax-free income stream with minimal up-front out of pocket costs.

  • Protection without relinquishing control of cash or other assets to pay premiums.

  • Efficiently manage annual gift exclusion and lifetime exemption.

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Meet Your Legacy Plan Concierge Team


Michael R. Smith, CLU
Managing Member/Owner


Kathleen M. Donnelly, CFP, ChFC, AIF
Managing Member/Owner


Meredith Walters Concierge Desk


Harris Vinson
Director of Logistics and Case Mangement


Sean Vanhorse
Business Development & Director of Legacy Six

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Learn More About Premium Financing

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An Informational Interview with Mike Smith about Premium Finance

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